7 Ways To Love Your Neighbours: 7 ways To Love Your Neighbours as Yourself

As a believer, you have been called to love your neighbours; a powerful force that can transform the world around us. When we love our neighbours as ourselves, we tap into the essence of compassion, which enables us to see the humanity in others and act with kindness and empathy. This call to compassion is essential in a world that is often filled with division, hatred, and indifference. In this blog post, we will explore why loving our neighbours as ourselves is a call to compassion.

The Power of Compassion!

Compassion is an emotion that is often linked with empathy, kindness, and understanding. When you feel compassion, you are moved by the suffering of others, and you have the desire to ease their pain. A little act of compassion could be as simple as tending to an injured person, saying sorry to someone hurt, etc.

Thus, the power of compassion can simply be seen in how it helps to oversee the differences between people and helps to build a deep connection of love and respect with people that are different from us.

Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself.

You might want to ask Why you should love your neighbours. Well, the scripture commands that and I’ve realized that loving your neighbour isn’t limited to those close or similar to you. Instead, it includes all races, religions, nationalities, social statuses, etc.

Although, Loving others isn’t always easy, especially once they have a very difficult personality. You’d understand this if you have siblings who are difficult to put up with.

However, loving your neighbours will require you to step out of your comfort zone, let go of biases and prejudices, and view the world from another perspective.

Over time, I’ve realized that loving others leaves you with peace and helps you learn more about yourself.

What Are The Benefits of Compassion?

You need to know that Compassion is not only beneficial for those who receive it but also for those who give it. Recently, I saw a video of two young boys who kept praying zealously for a man who has zealously given himself to give these young boys money, get them stuff while coming from work, etc.

Ponder on how this man felt when those young boys prayed for him.

• when you regularly practice compassion, it leaves you happier, healthier, and more resilient,

• Compassion helps you form deep and meaningful connections with others and helps you experience a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your life,

• It creates positive changes in the world,

• with Compassion, we can build a just, equitable and peaceful society, etc.

7 Ways To Love Your Neighbors As Your Self.

1. Show kindness:

One of the most important ways to love your neighbour is by being kind to them. This can include things like offering a helping hand, showing empathy, choosing your words carefully, and treating them with respect.

2. Listen actively:

At times, you think you’re listening to others when in reality you can’t even remember what was shared with you once the conversation is over.

3. Share resources:

There are days you can offer to share a meal, give away unused tools, etc to a neighbour.

4. Volunteer:

Volunteering your time, skill and energy is another way to love your neighbours. This I’ve done a lot of times by teaching my neighbour’s children with their assignment.

If you have a skill that can help your neighbours who are struggling, it doesn’t hurt to share. I could remember teaching a neighbour of mine who is a hairdresser how to make wigs without collecting money from her and today, she’s still grateful for that.

5. Be inclusive:

Being inclusive is also a way to love our neighbours. This means being open to different cultures, religions, and lifestyles, and making an effort to include everyone in your community. For instance, you can try new food, learn a new language or do things that will make others feel welcome.

6. Speak up for justice:

When you see injustice or discrimination happening in your community, You can show love to your neighbours by speaking up and advocating for change. Our community is often in a state of Chaos because everyone is trying to mind their business.

7. Practice forgiveness:

This is another way to love your neighbours and it is about letting go of grudges, offering second chances, and choosing to see the best in people even when they make mistakes.


The call to love our neighbours isn’t a difficult one and you don’t have to go overboard or spend so much to show compassion to others. Being Compassionate is something within your capacity, only if you can look within and reach for it.

How have you been practising loving your neighbour as yourself or do you find yourself in a situation where it’s hard to love others?

Share with us in the comment section and let us find solutions to it together.

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