Calvary greetings,

May the Lord’s peace fill your spirit as you open this page and the light of His love show you the way.

HEAVEN4ME is a place where you can find motivation, direction, and community, regardless of whether you have been a believer all your life or are just starting to discover the wonders of God’s mercy. The challenges and opportunities we confront as followers of Jesus in a rapidly changing world will be discussed as we examine the timeless teachings of Christ and apply them to our contemporary lives.

The goal of this page is to share the good news and message of Jesus Christ. It was started to inspire and motivate people to live a life of faith, hope, and love.

All posts are meant to exalt God and spread the love and promise found in Jesus Christ. Come then, let us travel together as we seek to know God more fully, love one another more completely and truly serve the world.

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