How to Break the Chains of Addiction: Finding Freedom in Christ

Addiction can be a relentless and devastating struggle for many people as it can rule over every aspect of one’s life, leaving one feeling powerless and trapped. Addiction is a battle that many people face daily and it ranges from substance abuse, gambling, pornography, food, movies, etc. However, there is hope for those who are struggling with addiction: they can be broken through the power of Christ.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find freedom from your addiction through the power of Christ.

Finding Freedom in Christ!

The good tiding is that freedom from addiction is possible through the power of Christ as Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of freedom, and He offers it freely to all who seek Him. Jesus said in John 8:36 — “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” [NLT]

Hence, This is a promise that anyone can claim.

6 Steps To Break The Chains Of Addiction.

1. Stop Living in Denial.

To break the chains of addiction, you must accept that there’s a problem and you need help. Acknowledging it doesn’t make you weak. Instead, it’s a sign of strength. Although it takes courage to admit that you need help, it’s the first step towards gaining freedom.
No one gets a solution by pretence. Thus, Once you’ve acknowledged the problem, then turn to God for help.

2. Meditate on Scriptures.

Prayer and Bible study are essential tools in breaking the chains of addiction because addiction is not just a physical or psychological issue, it’s spiritual as well. It can take hold of a person’s soul, causing them to feel disconnected from God and others.
Bible verses such as Romans 12:2 — “…Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think…”[NLT].
Also 2 Corinthians 5:17 — “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” [NLT]

In other words, Those scriptures are helpful in times of struggle and temptation as it provides hope and encouragement and it reminds you of God’s love, and faithfulness.

3. Communicate that Weakness at the Place of Prayer.

Through prayer, you can communicate with God and ask for His help in overcoming your addiction. Hence, By spending time in prayer and meditation, You can connect with God and find the strength to overcome the addiction. You can ask God for the strength to resist temptation and to guide you on the path to recovery.
Remember Philippians 4:13 — “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” [NLT]

4. Seek Support From Others.

To find freedom from addiction, you need a support group, it could be those who’ve been through the same struggles. What a support group does is that it provides a safe space to share your struggles, feelings, pains, thoughts, victories, etc without fear of judgement.

The movie “The Fault in our Stars” portrayed what a support group truly is and the importance of having one.

5. Accountability Partners.

An accountability partner is someone who homes you accountable for your actions and helps you stay on track. It could be a trusted friend, family member, or mentor. They can provide support, encouragement, and guidance as you navigate your journey towards recovery.

6. Seek Professionals Help.

Seeking professional help is another important step in breaking the chains of addiction. Addiction is a complex issue, and it often requires professional treatment. A qualified therapist or counsellor can help you identify the root cause of your addiction and develop a personalized treatment plan. They can also provide you with the tools and resources you need to overcome your addiction.

Other practical steps include:

• Establish healthy boundaries,
• Create new habits and routines that promote physical and emotional wellness,
• Replace that addiction with something positive; For instance, if I want to stop taking soda drinks, then it should be replaced with water/coffee, such that when the craving for soda pops up, I instantly opt for water.

Subsequently, It is important to note that breaking free from addiction is not a one-time event. It is a process that requires time, effort, and dedication. commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, making positive choices, and continually seeking God’s guidance and strength. However, the ultimate source of strength and healing is found in Christ. Through a personal relationship with Him, a person can find the peace and freedom they are seeking. Christ offers forgiveness for past mistakes and the hope of a better future. By surrendering one’s life to Him, a person can experience true transformation and healing from addiction.

Ultimately, breaking free from addiction is a journey of faith and courage. It requires the willingness to face your weaknesses and surrender them to Christ, the willingness to be vulnerable and honest with oneself and others. Thus, with God’s help, it is possible to find freedom from addiction and live a life of hope and purpose.


Breaking the chains of addiction is not an easy process, but it is possible and shouldn’t be fought alone. With the help of Christ, prayer, Bible study, support groups, accountability partners, and professional help, you can find freedom from addiction. Remember, Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 — “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”[NLT]

If you are struggling with addiction, turn to Christ and let Him guide you on your journey towards freedom. I pray that you find the true freedom you seek in Jesus’ name.


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