Importance of Community; Why God Calls Us To Fellowship.

4 Importance of Community

Do you subscribe to the school of thinking that says people survive better alone or do you think they benefit more from social interaction(Community)?

The importance of community to a believer or human in general is always underrated and without community, how can we fully understand fellowship with God? In this article, you’ll know the importance of community and why God has called you into fellowship.

I had always thought that growing as a Christian required isolation, but as time has gone on, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of community. Being a convert, I occasionally struggle with my faith, especially when a family member who is still an adherent of Islam challenges me.

Recently, I experienced one of those moments, and I battled to get back on track because I cut myself off from everyone and kept consuming materials that made me doubt the existence of God. Of course, my course of study (Philosophy) did not make things any better. For weeks, I skipped church and was unable to even have my quiet time.

However, with the support of the community, I was able to stand up again.

We are social organisms at our core as humans. As human beings, we are inherently social creatures. We crave connection and interaction with others, and this desire for community has been present throughout human history… In truth, many different cultures and religions, including Christianity, place a high value on community. God urges us to fellowship and exhorts us to unite in the neighbourhood for mutual support and to fortify our bonds with Him.

The Importance of Community

1. Support System
A community assists you. You have somebody to turn to when you need assistance or direction when you’re part of a community. You have a network of supporters who encourage you during trying times and recognize your accomplishments. Having a supportive community may make all the difference in a society where stress and anxiety are commonplace because it is the support structure that enables people to thrive and it is the cornerstone on which civilizations are founded.

I can recall getting reprimanded for not opening out and suffering through it alone after expressing my experience at one of my community gatherings. I was happy at the time and aware that I wasn’t alone. The future? It may perhaps be what you require.

2. A Sense of Belonging
Everybody wants to feel like they fit in and are a part of something bigger than themselves. Having a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging come from being a part of a community. For the sake of your mental and emotional health, this relationship is crucial.

In other words, belonging to a community can make us feel less alone and more connected, and it can provide us with the support and inspiration we need to overcome the obstacles in life.

3. Personal Development
A community promotes individual development. You can pick up new abilities,learn from others, seek out mentors and role models who can guide you on your journey and share experiences when you’re part of a community.

Being a part of a community helped me achieve the growth I’ve seen as a believer in my personal endeavours.  Show me that human who finds himself among flying eagles and is so laid back about flying as well. Then, I will show you a man who has found himself in the wrong community.

Thus, a community can aid in your personal development and growth. Interacting with others allows us to benefit from their viewpoints and experiences, learn new things, expand our knowledge base, and hone our abilities. Also, you can get advice and criticism from others, which can help you spot development opportunities.

4. Accountability
When you are part of a community, you are accountable to others for your actions. This accountability can help you stay on track with your goals and keep you from straying off course.

Although each of these advantages of community is significant, the chance to strengthen our relationship with God may be the most significant advantage. Christians hold the view that God is active in our lives and longs for a relationship with us. We can enhance our awareness of God’s will for our life and develop our relationship with Him by gathering in fellowship with other believers.

Why Fellowship is God’s Call to Us.

God urges us to fellowship because he recognizes the value of community to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. According to what the Bible teaches, _we are all a part of one body, and we each have a specific function to perform. Every component of the body is necessary for efficient operation, and the success of a society depends on every member._

To provide us with the support, direction, and inspiration we need to live our lives per His plan, God calls us to fellowship. We can learn from others, receive advice and support, and grow in our faith through fellowship in ways that would be challenging or impossible to achieve alone.

Fellowship can, of course, take many other forms. For you, it can be
– Going to church,
–  Taking part in small groups or Bible studies,
– Giving your time to a neighbourhood charity or outreach initiative.

  For others, it might entail
– Casual get-togethers with loved ones or acquaintances who also practice your religion.

Whatever its form, fellowship is necessary for your spiritual development and well-being. It gives you the support and inspiration you need to overcome the problems of life by enabling you to meaningfully connect with God and one another.

The history of the early Christian church is one of the most potent illustrations in the Bible of the value of community. The earliest disciples of Jesus gathered in fellowship, sharing their resources, and encouraging one another in their faith, as described in the book of Acts. This feeling of belonging and community was a potent force that aided in the spread of the gospel and the transformation of lives.

God also calls us to fellowship because He recognizes our mutual need for one another. We weren’t made to live secluded lives; neither were we intended to. We were designed to interact with others and to jointly experience both the successes and challenges of life.

Finally, God calls us to fellowship because spiritual development is best accomplished in the context of community. Being a part of a community gives us the chance to grow spiritually and learn from others. With the help and support of others, we can express our challenges and doubts. We can also rejoice in our spiritual successes and the development of others.


As a vital aspect of human existence, the community is a strong force that may support your growth and well-being in a variety of ways; the importance of community cannot be emphasized. God draws us to fellowship because He is aware of our need for the assistance, direction, and inspiration that come from belonging to a group of believers. You can strengthen your bonds with God and one another while also experiencing the transforming power of His love in your life by uniting in love and faith.

What do you think about Community and what has been your experience in a community? Share with us.

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